Lot A361

Tattoo: IGV361E

Allencroft Excalliber 02 361E

​Sire: Young Dale Caliber 100A

Lot A365

​Tattoo: IGV 365E

Allencroft Excalliber 02 365E

​Sire:Young Dale Xcaliber 100A

Lot A338

​Tattoo: IGV 338E

Allencroft Timeless 04 338E

​Sire: WMR Timeless 458

Lot A348

Tattoo: IGV 348E

Allencroft Timeless 03 348E

Sire: WMR Timeless 458

2 Year Olds

Lot T18

Tattoo: VIG 18E

Allencroft II Vision 03 18E

​Sire: Jindra Double Vision

Lot A335

Tattoo: IGV 335E

Allencroft Timeless 04 335E

​Sire: WMR Timeless 458

Since 1966

Lot T8

Tattoo: VIG 8E

Allencroft II Tour of Duty 8E

Sire: RB Tour of Duty 177

Lot A295   

Tattoo: IGV 295E

Allencroft Impact 08 295E

Sire: Poss Total Impact

Lot A329

​Tattoo: IGV 329E

Allencroft Impact 04 329E

Sire: Poss Total Impact 745

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Lot A305

​Tattoo: IGV 305E

Allencroft Impact 06 305E

​Sire: Allencroft Impact 07 258E

Join us for the Annual Allencroft / Border Butte Black Angus Bull Sale the Third Thursday of March at the Medicine Hat Feeding Company in Medicine Hat, AB.

Lot A321

​Tattoo: IGV 321E

Allencroft Impact 05 321E

​Sire: Allencroft Impact 07 258C

Lot T23

​Tattoo: VIG 23E

Allencroft II Xcaliber 02 23E

​Sire: Young Dale Xcaliber 100A

Lot T17

​Tattoo: VIG 17E

Allencroft II Xcaliber 03 17E

​Sire: Young Dale Xcaliber 100A

Lot A334

​Tattoo: IGV 334E

Allencroft Tour of Duty 4 334E

Sire: RB Tour of Duty 177

Lot T30

Tattoo: VIG 30E

Allencroft II Illini 01 30E 

Sire: Allencroft Illini 01 144J

Lot A343

Tattoo: IGV 343E

Allencroft Tour of Duty 03 343E

​Sire: RB Tour of Duty 177

Lot A372

Tattoo: IGV 372E

Allencroft Lucky 7 01 372E

Sire: WAR Lucky 7 Y527 S009 ET

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Meet A Few of The Boys of Allencroft


Lot T29

​Tattoo: VIG 29E

Allencroft II Lucky 01 29E

Sire: WAR Lucky 7 Y527 S009ET

Lot A341

​Tattoo: IGV 341E

Allencroft T of Duty 03 341E

​Sire: RB Tour of Duty 177

Lot A360

Tattoo: IGV 360E

Allencroft Excalliber 02 360E

​Sire: Young Dale Xcaliber 100A

Lot T26

​Tattoo: VIG 26D

Allencroft II Blaze 03 26D 

​Sire: DFCC 71X Blaze 53B

Lot A342

​Tattoo: IGV 342E

Allencroft Impact 03 342E

​Sire: Allencroft Impact 07 258C

Lot T26

​Tattoo: VIG 26E

Allencroft II Imprint 04 26E

​Sire: Connelly Imprint 8317

Lot A313

​Tattoo: IGV 313D

Allencroft Impact 05 313D

​Sire: Poss Total Impact 745